I just can’t consider that assisted living house near my job the place she works some dangerous ass oldies. Hoping to see her any time this week to inquire what occurred. That old woman is aware of what she is doing, she simply doesnt like blacks.

She makes an honest residing, she takes care of her household. Social media has been taken over by bitter souls. This is NOT dementia….she may need the disease but this motion here was not a result of the illness…. Unknown gunmen have reportedly killed soldiers on their way to their wedding ceremony …

The Black caregiver and the aged white girl who spat on her a number of occasions have reconciled. She even went further to ask the caregiver if she “wants more” before chewing what she has in her hand, and then spitting on the caregiver many times. She spat at the black lady 3 times in the video. Actually, they do have to tolerate it, until they want to give up.

No…the girl getting spit on is getting abused if something not the old hag doing the spitting. If it was my relative im suppose to be upset somebody filmed them doing one thing rubicon express out of business disrespectful? What about children with intellectual and developmental disabilities? It happens with them as properly.

If I did this at work, I’d be looking at jail time and a massive nice. Here in Canada, we take PHIA incredibly critically. I’ve had my arm cut up open, black eyes, damaged fingers, spit on, blood poured on me, reduce, groped, and far more.

Group Leaders aren’t anticipated to spend any further time locally, and are not held to a set schedule. Maybe she isn’t right for the work if her solely choices have been filming or assaulting the patient. People with dementia, and so forth. are basically trapped in their own minds.

Spitting on her was terrible, but she probably has absolutely no clue she’s doing it or will even keep in mind doing it. This is classic Alzheimer’s dementia habits. My mom had early onset Alzheimer’s and my grandmother had Alzheimer’s dementia. Both of them would have violent episodes and by no means keep in mind it. Before that they had been the sweetest individuals on the planet.

Lol she’s a wealthy sensible girl already she kept mute on that video for a purpose trigger she is conscious of what she’s going to achieve. Many american attorneys will be at her door step by now ready to get her millions off the agency she works for and the family of the older lady for damages free of charge. She pinch, puch and slap you every time she’s offended if near her. In the new video, the caregiver, who is originally from Ghana, is seen dancing to a Ghanaian track with the elderly white lady becoming a member of in. We don’t know this lady’s mental state. What she’s exhibiting is traditional Alzheimer’s or dementia, though.

Sure, she could simply be a horrible person, but given her age and the setting, it’s doubtless she isn’t in her right mindset. Just like I don’t know that she does have Alzheimer’s or dementia, you don’t know that she doesn’t. It’s not truthful to judge the scenario as if we do know. I’m prepared to offer her the benefit of the doubt because it’s probably that she does suffer from some mental impairment.