The FIFA 22 Team of the Year (TOTY) is one of the most highly anticipated events in the football gaming community. As players eagerly await the release of the TOTY cards, the hype and excitement surrounding this event reach a fever pitch. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into what the FIFA 22 TOTY is, how it works, and what players can expect from this year’s festivities.

What is the FIFA 22 Team of the Year (TOTY)?

The Team of the Year is an annual event in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) that celebrates the best players from the past year. The TOTY is selected by a panel of experts, including media, athletes, and EA Sports officials. These players are awarded special blue TOTY cards with significantly boosted stats, making them some of the most coveted items in the game.

How Does the TOTY Selection Process Work?

The selection process for the TOTY involves a three-stage voting system. In the first stage, fans, athletes, and the media vote for their favorite players in each position. The top vote-getters in each position move on to the second stage, where a panel of experts selects the final TOTY squad. These players are then released in packs for a limited time, creating a frenzy in the FUT market.

What Makes TOTY Cards Special?

TOTY cards are highly sought after for several reasons. Firstly, they feature a unique blue design that sets them apart from regular FUT cards. Secondly, TOTY cards have significantly boosted stats compared to a player’s base card, making them some of the most powerful items in the game. Finally, TOTY cards are only available for a limited time, adding to their exclusivity and desirability.

When Can Players Expect the FIFA 22 TOTY Event?

While the exact date of the FIFA 22 TOTY event has not been officially confirmed, it typically takes place in early January. Players can expect promotions, pack offers, and special SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) during the TOTY event, giving them a chance to pack these rare and valuable cards.

Tips for Maximizing Your TOTY Experience

  • Save your packs: If you have saved up packs from rewards or previous promotions, the TOTY event is the perfect time to open them and try your luck at packing a TOTY card.
  • Monitor the market: During the TOTY event, the FUT market experiences significant fluctuations as players buy and sell cards in search of TOTY players. Keep an eye on prices and trends to make informed decisions.
  • Complete TOTY SBCs: EA Sports often releases special Squad Building Challenges during the TOTY event that offer TOTY players as rewards. Completing these SBCs can be a great way to add a TOTY card to your squad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can TOTY cards be packed from any pack in FIFA Ultimate Team?
A: Yes, TOTY cards can be packed from any pack that contains rare players, including promo packs, reward packs, and packs purchased with FIFA Points or coins.

Q: Are TOTY cards tradeable in FIFA Ultimate Team?
A: Yes, TOTY cards are tradeable, which means you can buy or sell them on the FUT transfer market like any other player card.

Q: How long are TOTY cards available in packs during the TOTY event?
A: TOTY cards are typically available in packs for a limited time, usually around a week during the TOTY event.

Q: Do TOTY cards receive special boosts or upgrades during the event?
A: TOTY cards already have boosted stats compared to a player’s base card. During the TOTY event, these stats are further enhanced, making TOTY cards some of the most powerful items in FUT.

Q: Are there any restrictions on using TOTY cards in FUT game modes?
A: TOTY cards can be used in any FUT game mode, including Division Rivals, Squad Battles, FUT Champions, and Friendlies.

In conclusion, the FIFA 22 TOTY event is a highlight of the FUT calendar, offering players the chance to add some of the best and most sought-after cards to their squads. By understanding how the TOTY works, keeping an eye on promotions, and following our tips, players can make the most of this exciting event and enhance their FIFA Ultimate Team experience.


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