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While every business faces the risk of burglary, small businesses and retail establishments are more vulnerable. The consequences of a burglary can be far-reaching. Your business is likely to be disrupted as you establish the nature and extent of your loss and deal with the police and insurance company. Additionally, you will need to figure out the damage to physical property and replace the stolen cash and valuables. Some of the ways you can deter burglars and prevent burglaries include:

Avoid Tempting Burglars by Displaying High-Value Inventory

If you have a shop window, you must make sure that you remove all valuable items before closing the store at night. Ensure you keep away all lightweight and small items thieves can grab easily from doors and windows. You must try to keep all valuable items in locked display cases as far as possible.

Replace Conventional Glass with Tempered Glass

Smash and grab incidents at night are commonplace, but you can make it more difficult for the burglars by replacing the windows and doors made of traditional glass with laminated or tempered glass. This kind of glass requires more force and time to break, and the higher noise can draw unwanted attention preventing the break-in.

Make Your Premises Difficult To Break In

If you live in a crime-prone area, you should put bars on windows, doors, and skylights to deter opportunistic burglars. Wherever possible, use double-cylinder deadlocks to secure the doors and windows. You need keys to open them from both sides, making it difficult for burglars to enter and flee quickly. Ensure that the premises are well lit, both inside and outside, even when closed for the night. Bright lighting is a strong deterrent for thieves. And also allows the patrolling police to notice suspicious activities easily. Know the way to the top security company in Connecticut by clicking.


Install a Security System

According to Forbes, high decibel alarm systems and motion sensors installed on doors and windows can deter burglars. You can use a CCTV system to keep a constant watch on your premises and allow you to inform the police quickly. The video footage is also important for apprehending criminals. You can keep tabs on your premises using a smartphone since modem security cameras upload the videos to the cloud in real-time, says the chief security consultant of a leading security company in Old Saybrook.

Display Security Signage Visibly

One of the best deterrents for thieves and burglars scouting for opportunities to steal or break in is putting up signs warning that the area is under video surveillance and alarm systems are present. You must make the signage highly visible, so it catches the eyes of all inside and outside the premises.


As a business owner, you must always be prepared to take steps to secure your store or premises against thieves and burglars. While it can be hard to keep pace with ingenious criminals, implementing the steps outlined here can make you a more unattractive target. Installing alarms and security cameras makes it easier for the police to catch the thieves and recover the stolen assets.


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