Some people are still living an outdated lifestyle with just regular locks at home. The largest percentage of people are now turning towards the digital keypad, which is also known as smart locks. One of them is Kaadas Digital Lock in Singapore, a smart lock that has been created for convenience and offers the latest technology to open your door with a code rather than using keys. This provides maximum protection against intruders and theft due to its increased security functions. Here is what makes the digital lock unique:

  1. It has an auto-relock function

The auto-relock feature allows you to secure your home at all times, not just when you are at home. This is because while your door is closed, the lock automatically relocks itself after 30 seconds. This prevents any intruders from accessing your property and entering it without permission when you are not around. The auto-relock feature of Kaadas makes it a convenient choice for all homeowners, so they can be kept at peace while away from the house.

  1. Double lock function

The double lock feature also allows you to secure your home with two locks – the main lock and the secondary lock. This helps deter intruders to prevent them from gaining access to your home while you are at home. If they do try and break in, the second lock will block them off. Your home will be safe and secure even if an intruder manages to get beyond the first double lock. You can access Kaadas Digital Lock in Singapore anytime, from any location, to add new locks and remove them.

  1. Has a battery level indicator

Every device has a battery indicator, which makes it easy to see when you need to change the batteries. It is similar to digital locks too. You can check the battery status of your lock and if it’s low, you can replace it before it runs out completely. This prevents your lock from stopping, which can happen when the batteries go flat. You will also know when to take out the old batteries and replace them with new ones.

  1. Intrusion detector function

Has an automatic intrusion detector that allows it to operate silently. This function uses built-in detection to sense if any activities are occurring in front of your door after it is closed. If someone is trying to break into your house, then the device will automatically alarm you and let you know. This makes the lock a smart choice as an intruder alarm as well, because this device can act as extra protection for your home at all times.

  1. It prevents hacking and trespassing

The digital lock prevents hackers from hacking into your home. It uses the latest encryption technology to protect your digital lock from being hacked or manipulated, due to its digital security system. This lock is also more reliable than conventional locks as it cannot be broken or tampered with, so you can have better peace of mind when it comes to hacking and trespassing.


These are just some of the features that make the digital lock a wise choice for modern homeowners. It is convenient, secure, adaptive, and proven to be of value to Singaporean homeowners. Nowadays, there are many new options when it comes to choosing smart locks. One of the first things to look at is if your lock has an auto-lock feature. Then you can compare the pros and cons of buying a digital lock versus a regular lock and choose the one that suits you best.


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