Huawei Y5p

Huawei introduces its smartphones and makes the different styles that make them unique. The Huawei y5p is another great and amazing smartphone. The screen of this phone is a touch screen.

Huawei introduced a great smartphone in the form of the y5p. The price is reasonable. You can find a great device at an affordable price. You can find that the y5p is more than a  basic smartphone.

Specification of the Y5P


Screen Size 5.45-inch
processor octa-core
Expandable Storage 32 GB
camera 8 megapixels
Front Camera 5 megapixel
Battery 3020 mAH
Operating system EMUI 10.1
Colors Mint green, midnight black, 
Price R 1599.0


Hardware of Y5P

It is a smart small phone. When taking it into your hand, it is made of plastic and light. The display of the phone is also small. Although it is not a big issue some users want a big screen.

If you see the front of the phone it is thicker from the top and the bottom is bezels. The camera is in a square shape. It seems that rays coming from the phone add more attractiveness to the phone. You can also feel the texture of the phone with your fingers.

You will not find the fingerprint sensor on the phone. Although it provides you the extra security that is facelock. You can also use the password option. You will find the power button and the volume button on the right side of the phone.

The screen of the Huawei Y5P

The screen size is 5.45 inches and the resolution is 1440 720 and the ratio is 18:9. It is a good, cheap, budget-friendly phone. Its screen is a little bit small but it is good. You can easily use the phone when you are on a sunny day outside. 

Y5P Camera

As it is a starter phone, Huawei gives you a single camera and a front camera. At this price, you will get a good camera. Its camera performance is really good in daylight or in great lighting.

Sometimes you will get the image with accurate color and sometimes it will give you the like washed out or too bright. It is a matter you will take many pictures and get one of your desire. The photo quality is down when you take photos indoors or zoom in.


Its operating system is based on android and EMUI. it is an impressive thing in it. Although it is not the fastest device. But you can easily switch from one app to another. It is not heating up. Like other Huawei products, it has also no Google Play service in it.


The screen size is small and has less display, and the processor is less battery-consuming or draining phone. The battery lasts up 8 hours and 30 minutes. It will take 2 and half hours to fully charge the battery.

Final Thoughts

Huawei gives you a reasonable device, the Y5P, at a reasonable price. Its design is good. The battery also works well. Although there are some lakes if you compare with the price it is a good device by Huawei.



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