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The medical world has made great progress. There’s no doubt about that. As a result, ailments that couldn’t be cured before today have a chance to get into remission. But that doesn’t mean surgery and medicines are the only options for treating any ailment. There can be alternative means as well that work wonders. 

Today, several patients are opting in for natural and alternative therapies for various ailments. One such issue is acute knee pain. You can have excruciating knee pain for multiple reasons. It could be that you’ve had a knee injury or that you have developed arthritis or osteoarthritis. Though it’s always better to consult a doctor and take the necessary medication, it’s also an intelligent decision to opt in for regenerative medicine or alternative treatments. To know more, you can check out QC Kinetix (Raleigh)

Are you wondering how to treat your knee pain through alternative therapies? If yes, the following pointers can help you. 

1. Consume turmeric supplement

According to research, turmeric comprises of a chemical component known as curcumin. It is known to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. It gets derived from a plant that belongs to the ginger family. Simply put, turmeric is a powdered spice and is considered an essential ingredient when you make curry dishes. It can be challenging to eat much turmeric so that you start seeing the advantages. Today, the supplements that are come with elevated curcumin levels can be found at the health food stores, groceries, and pharmacies. 

However, here you need to exercise slight caution. Even though these supplements are considered to be safe for most people, it is usually not suggested for pregnant women. Hence, you should always consult a medical professional before you choose one. 

2. Say yes to regenerative medicine

Have you been suggested for surgery to recover from your knee pain? If yes, you shouldn’t go for it, just because the doctor advised so. There’s no reason to doubt medical judgment, but you always have the option to check out other available therapies. Today, regenerative medicine is gaining prominence because of its effectiveness. This treatment gets to the root cause of the knee pain and provides you with a remedy that works in your favor. Hence, other than that, for the treatment to work well, you will have to make a few lifestyle changes that will ensure that you stay well for a long time. 

3. Opt-in for acupuncture

Today, acupuncture is making it easy for several people to get rid of their knee pain. It is an ancient practice that believes that our body has its natural energy flow. And when the energy gets blocked, it can lead to some difficulties in the body and result in pain. The acupuncture practitioners insert thin needles in specific points to restore the body’s normal energy flow. 

It has been observed that acupuncture can ease up the knee pain and uneasiness around that area to a huge extent. Also, the treatment is safe and can also get covered by your insurance. However, there needs to be more research in this area so that people can choose this healing modality with increased confidence and faith. But if you want to see results, you will have to devote a few acupuncture sessions. Ensure that you work with a licensed acupuncturist to ensure that you are in safe hands. 

4. Choose to get a massage

According to a few research and studies that are prevalent, massage therapy effectively relieves joint pain. It helps people who experience knee pain due to fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis. You can enhance blood circulation through good massage and bring down muscle tension. According to various pieces of evidence, massage can enable you to bring down your blood pressure. It can reduce endorphins and enhance your mood and ease the pain sensations. 

Today, you can visit multiple practitioners who provide you with therapeutic massage. There are chiropractors, physical therapists, and physiotherapists as well. Check out who caters to your need the most and opt-in, and make an informed decision. 

Last but not least, you can also choose Tai Chi to relieve your knee pain. It helps remove the joint stiffness and pain and enhance the function. When you practice Tai Chi, you will have to resort to deliberate movements for transitioning between certain poses. You will also have to use breathing patterns that get coordinated using specific movements. It also includes certain relaxation techniques and mental focus. Today, there is growing evidence that through Tai Chi, you can enhance your balance, and it can help people who have knee pain and other joint pain issues. So far, this healing process has been considered safe for most. 

These are a few of the alternative treatments that you can choose and try if you have acute knee pain. Once you experience the benefits, you can decide whether to continue with it or not. 


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