As health plans seek cost savings, radiology solutions are an important part of the solution mix. By reducing unnecessary radiation exposure and invasive procedures, these solutions can help health plans maximize their members’ health and value. Moreover, they improve patient safety. By minimizing unnecessary radiation exposure, eviCore helps health plans ensure that members receive appropriate care. Its unique approach does not deny care, but instead, it redirects providers toward more appropriate testing and treatment, while maximizing value and quality. If you are looking for radiology solutions visit this website

IBM Watson Health

Imaging data can be complex and critical to the delivery of high-quality patient care. IBM Watson Health’s imaging solutions help healthcare organizations manage data, access clinical insights and implement secure technologies. By leveraging IBM Watson Health’s capabilities, health organizations can reduce operational costs and improve patient care. Here are a few of the key benefits of these solutions. * Increased efficiency: IBM Watson Health solutions improve patient care by simplifying workflow.

Smarter data: IBM Watson Health’s advanced data analytics solutions make it easier for doctors to make more informed decisions, improve patient outcomes and deliver high-quality care at scale. Physicians can access this information at any time, using cloud-based solutions, mobile devices, and a modern workspace. With IBM Watson Health, you can use data-driven analytics to improve patient care and reduce operational costs. With a range of customizable options, you can choose the best option for your practice.

Ingenia Ambition

The latest advancements in Ingenia MRI technology include the 1.5T Ingenia Ambition X. This machine features advanced MR imaging techniques that improve image quality while reducing exam time by up to 50%. Additionally, it offers touchless guided patient setup and accelerations in 2D and 3D-scanning. Ingenia Ambition X is a reliable investment for radiologists and hospitals of any size, from small private practice to large hospital systems.

The 1.5T Ingenia Ambition MR system, released at Phelps Health in November, uses a powerful magnet and radio waves to create detailed images of organs. This MR scanner also has a first-of-its-kind audio component, which improves the patient’s experience while under the scanner. The device also offers advanced imaging capabilities, including helium-free MR operations and a ready-to-use QA package.

Philips’ DigitalDiagnost C90

Among the latest developments in medical imaging, Philips’ DigitalDiagnost C91 offers a touch screen to guide the radiologist in selecting the proper positioning of the patient during examinations. It also has a camera and monitor that helps the radiologist easily locate the patient, which makes workflow more efficient. The system’s redesigned user interface also allows the radiologist to easily select the correct settings for the different types of research performed.

In addition to its new features, Philips’ DigitalDiagnost C91 and IQon Elite Spectral CT systems are also capable of achieving the quadruple aim for radiology departments: reduce costs while increasing productivity and quality of imaging. The company will also highlight the economic benefits of their products, such as a reduction in follow-up scans, X-ray dosage, and contrast agent use.

Perfect Imaging

Perfect Imaging’s teleradiology workflow software and consulting services streamline complex routing requirements for multi-state radiologists. The solutions are designed to provide an end-to-end workflow that streamlines reporting, quality improvement, and education. They integrate with surrounding IT solutions, such as EMR and RIS, to provide a single, integrated system for imaging workflows. Perfect Imaging’s solutions are easy to implement, configure, and use for every aspect of radiology practice.

The company’s radiology reading efficiency solution helps radiologists maximize their reading efficiency by giving them easy access to relevant priors and images, and enabling them to document findings directly. Additionally, its clinical applications combine native tools to provide an end-to-end solution to most everyday imaging needs. These solutions include everything from diagnostic imaging to interventional radiology and teleradiology. While it is possible to purchase a PACS separately, Perfect Imaging can help you choose the right technology and services for your imaging department.


With its AI capabilities, Nuance radiology solutions can help you improve the clinical workflow, reduce turnaround times, and enhance patient care. They are capable of eliminating inefficiencies, improving productivity, and delivering deeper insights into the health of patients. These solutions can also support care coordination, enhance accuracy, and enhance consistency. If you are looking for a new radiologist solution, consider Nuance’s PowerScribe 360. You’ll be glad you did.

With AI-driven language understanding and cloud-powered voice, Nuance is able to offer a range of powerful solutions for healthcare facilities. These solutions provide unparalleled accuracy, precision, and reliability. The solutions also reduce radiologist fatigue. With powerful tools to support your workflow, you can manage your growing workload, while taking advantage of the latest advances in AI and machine learning. They also support patient-centered care teams with streamlined communication, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring the highest level of care for patients.


The main objective of Cerner radiology solutions is to improve the workflow of the department through streamlined imaging management, image distribution, and business analysis. Additionally, Cerner’s cardiovascular solutions integrate into the Cerner EHR and streamline client histories, therapeutic interventions, and follow-up schedules. For cardiologists, Cerner’s ProVision web solution combines JPEG 2000 compression capability with progressive wavelet decompression technology, allowing them to create a customizable view.

The RadNet Radiology Information System, or RIS, is one example of the streamlined workflow of a Cerner system. This solution streamlines image interpretation and distribution, while also allowing the department to collect and analyze business data. For example, the RIS system provides one-click access to critical information. It also enables clinicians to incorporate radiation dose information directly into their EHR. Moreover, Cerner’s RIS is scalable, allowing for easy customization and integration.



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