In the past, women had to invest in the time-consuming and painful process of waxing or shaving their underarms to keep them hair-free. With IPL (intense pulsed light) technology, you can have smooth underarms year-round just check out these 5 reasons why IPL underarm hair removal is your new BFF:

1. You’re Getting Professional Waxes

Shaving your underarms is a messy, painful, and time-consuming process. IPL hair removal services are fast and efficient—what used to take someone with tons of experience and hours of meticulous waxing can now be done in minutes. Slow down here: not only will you save yourself time, but you’ll also save money! When you move from having to invest in painful waxing treatments at the salon every two weeks (and the monthly fees associated with them) to investing in just one deep IPL treatment, it can be a huge improvement on your wallet.

2. You’re Getting Even Hair Removal

White skin, dark hair—it’s a hard colour combination to work with. When you go in for waxing, it can be months or even years between your last appointment and your next. You’ll have a lot of upkeep between treatments, too. If you’re going from month to month without seeing the sun on your underarms, you’ll start to notice that some areas of hair get missed and some don’t. This can be frustrating for a lot of reasons: not only is the process painful (which it usually is), but you end up having to vary where you want those hairs removed at each appointment. That means more time invested, more money spent and more disruption in your life overall. But IPL does away with all these problems by being able to remove any and all hairs—and you can do it more quickly than you’d ever believe.

3. You’re Getting Complete Hair Removal

Waxing is great for face, legs and bikini hair removal, but it can’t get pesky underarms all the way down. Waxing those up-and-down hairs just doesn’t feel good enough on your underarms, which secretly we all think to look better when they’re totally hair-free. With IPL, you’re getting total hair removal, not just a little bit of it all over again. This means your underarms will be hair free for good. That’s pretty great news for women all over the world who are tired of shaving their underarms when they really don’t want to.

4. You’re Getting Smooth Skin

Ouch! Underarm waxing hurts like the dickens—especially if you have sensitive skin or are a first-timer with this type of treatment. But smooth and soft skin is worth it: we still love to have smooth and soft underarms, especially when we have some awesome bathing suits to wear throughout springtime. When IPL hair removal services are on your calendar this Spring, you won’t have to worry about the pain of waxing or the pitfalls of not getting all of your underarms done.

The IPL hair removal process is a great one to try if you’re looking to completely bleach your underarms. It’s fast, easy and painless. But what’s even better than that is that IPL hair removal services are incredibly affordable, too.


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