The production of wicker chairs involves several dimensions that can only be effectively done by skills, time and diligence. For first-timers or for those who have already been weaving for a long time, these issues are easy to overlook and this is where some of the following mistakes can come into play which will hamper the quality and durability of the final product. Here are five important mistakes that you should avoid to produce incredible woven work on your wicker chair.

1. Using the Wrong Materials

Selecting which material to use for the wicker chair weaves requires much consideration. This is an error that most novices are prone to, as they may endanger their furniture’s strength and appearance by choosing improper or substandard materials. 

Choose the proper material, such as rattan, reed, or willow, for constructing the chair so that it can be both durable and attractive. To do this, always ensure that you touch and feel the material before starting on a project to determine its flexibility and strength.

2. Ignoring Proper Preparation

Some important recommendations should be followed regarding the process of wicker chair weaving. Whereas, it is crucial in weaving to follow a specific process, such as soaking wicker materials; failure to soak them results in breakages and challenges in weaving. This is why much emphasis is placed on proper soaking so that the various materials can be shaped and moulded as desired. Skipping this step is an error, which might lead to frustration and failure in the process of essay writing.

3. Poor Weaving Techniques

To avoid such a situation, you need to ensure that your fibre is well woven, and even with the best fibre, poor weaving can spoil your chair. There must be uniformity in tension and in pattern and the complete lack of pattern makes for harmony. 

This usually happens with first-timers, and those who have not mastered proper tension so they either pull the yarn too tight or too loose which makes the work look messy and crooked. To enhance the overall look of your weaving project, ensure that you set and maintain a steady tension all through the weaving process.

4. Failure to Draw the Necessary Attention to Design

The weaving of wicker chairs has a significant emphasis on the layout and design of the end product. Lack of a design plan means that you will start creating a mess of an application, which in the end can be extremely unattractive. When planning for design, always take time to ensure that you have planned well before weaving. Besides helping you, it will also make certain that the chair to be produced has a good look and is visually appealing.

5. Integrating Other Design Elements

You might find certain design aspects associated with wicker chair weaving quite useful for enhancing the aesthetic of your projects. This means that it is equally possible to combine wicker chairs with the mid century modern bathroom vanity to give your home an appealing outlook. Not only does this add to the elegance of the place but at the same time boosts your interior design.


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