The kind of person who was thinking about numbers must have had some sort of genetic advantage, so they may properly have had 12 fingers. Smart, intelligent, good sense of humour and in relation to numbers he is conscious of his stuff. Because the titles assigned to my visitor improvisers don’t have an exact scientific answer or they’re simply zany and off the wall. Commenters – Please DO NOT post outbound hyperlinks whilst the occasion is happening AND please DO NOT publish comments if you’re a moron.

But unfortunately frequent sense is not so widespread anymore. It is dependent upon the origin of words in the counting system -‘eleven’ and ‘twelve’ got here from Old Norse, through the Vikings (cf trendy Danish ‘elleve’ and ‘tolv’). On the opposite hand we Irish managed to fend off the linguistic Viking invasion, so we say ‘aondéag’ and ‘dódhéag’ – actually ‘one-ten’ and ‘two-ten’. Use QuoteFancy Studio to create high-quality images in your desktop backgrounds, weblog posts, shows, social media, movies, posters and more. Enter your email handle to follow this weblog and obtain notifications of new posts by email.

We nonetheless use another word for twelve — “do-zen” itself exhibits us that (compare German “zehn”)– although it has gained its personal particular use . In truth, the fact that many things have been divided into units of twelve additionally helps explain why eleven and twelve were treated in a special way. Connect and share knowledge inside a single location that’s structured and straightforward to look. Eleven and Twelve, on the opposite hand, follow old German quite than old English guidelines. The reason why eleven is pronounced “eleven” is simply because that’s the rule that society has imposed upon it. In old German, the quantity eleven was pronounced “Ainlif” and twelve “Twalif”.

This is a typical feature of many languages, the first few numbers have their very own “special” names, and the remainder are built using a regular methodology like including the -ty ending. You may have seen that numbers such as twenty, thirty, and fifty don’t sound like “twoty, threety, and fivety”. And as with 13 and fifteen, it’s because they follow the rules of the old English rather than the fashionable English we communicate today. Back in the day there was a deliberate plot by “learned ones” to make math beyond counting on fingers mysterious. Having knowledge meant having power. The extra complicated a topic the extra energy for these within the know.

The elf features to make excellent sense to me. Most decent folks already know the method to behave respectfully. Thank you on your co-operation on the above. DO NOT submit outbound links in my comments whilst “Whose Blog is it Anyway? Bingo callers would have a tricky time with Legs Onety-one.

As a parent and instructor, these numbers wreck number logic when making an attempt to show a small child and I’d advocate for a change, but it appears an unlikely, if logical, goal. Eleven and twelve come from the German elf and zwolf. I hope you enjoyed reading concerning the origins of the quantity 11 and why it isn’t onety-one. I’m positive shady business tarkov there are plenty of different causes, so do add them beneath. If it wasn’t our ancestors, then perhaps the originator of the counting system was by some means genetically mutated and born with 12 fingers. It cause the creators of new English you would say just like the language to find a way roll off the tongue smoothly.

Twelve, nevertheless, can be divided by itself, six, four, three and two; giving two extra possibilities including thirds and quarters which are very helpful in on a regular basis life. I even have to make this thread because this server’s performance right now on Java has been completely atrocious. The lag spikes I had on SSM had been past human comprehension, it is unthinkable. You constantly get pulled again as though some beggar is clinging on your leg and won’t let go, it’s a ache and unacceptable. Eleven and twelve come from the Old English phrases endleofan and twelf, which could be traced again additional to a time when they have been ain+lif and twa+lif. The finest guess etymologists have is that it’s from a root for “to depart.” Ainlif is “one left ” and twalif is “two left .”

Because language has progressively evolved over hundreds of years of human historical past, rather than being designed up front by a mathematician. And as a result of it derives etymologically from an ancient Germanic word that means “one left”, as in one left after counting to 10. And we use a base 10 system for counting because we now have 10 fingers, so we automatically think of numbers in relation to how close they’re to a spherical 10. For starters, there is no “onety” as a outcome of all of it BEGAN with a counting system primarily based on “ten”. The phrases “twenty”, “thirty” and so forth. are derived from compound words which means “two tens”, “three tens”, etc.

Actually, 13 to nineteen aren’t so odd, since they merely imply “three and ten”, “4 and teen”, etc. The order may be totally different from “twenty three”, however the principle is similar. Not the reply you are wanting for? Browse different questions tagged word-choice etymology numbers or ask your own query.

Unlike numbers, language doesn’t should follow rules of logic, reason, or consistency. The “correct” language is determined by usage. The first two numbers that break rules that we should always take a glance at are thirteen and fifteen. Surely it would make extra sense to call them “threeteen” and “fiveteen”. Most of the time when we rely up in the tens, it ends in ty . But the one exception to that is the teens.