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“In 2005, the state completed its two-year review of the county’s health inspections. In the review, the state concluded that the county’s inspections were “inaccurately assessed” and that many of the county’s inspection reports were inaccurate. To remedy that, the state issued a $932,000 contract to the county for the inspection of public buildings.

The contract has been running for five years and is being paid for by the general fund of the county. While the contract is supposed to be used for one year, the county may extend the contract for an additional three years if there isn’t a significant improvement in the health of the facilities inspected.

The contract may not apply to the inspection of hospitals. For example, some hospitals may offer medical services without being inspected by the state. If so, the state will have no authority to inspect them and the county will be required to apply for an inspection license from the department of health.

This new contract for health inspection includes a five-year cycle, and that cycle is based on a number of factors relating to the state’s mission to reduce health care costs and improve the health of its citizens. If the county is not satisfied with the results of an inspection, the county may request a renewal of the contract for another five years. No expiration date is included in the contract, but the contract may be renewed by a two-thirds vote of the board of supervisors.

The contract is a five-year cycle with no expiration date. The county will be able to extend the contract if it is convinced that they can improve health care results by more than five years.

This is a little bit controversial. While it’s true that the contract contains no expiration date, there’s a lot of uncertainty about when the contract will end. The contract is currently set to expire in 2023. In the meantime, the county is conducting a public health survey and the results will be shared with the public in 2023.

The county is looking to expand health care services, but at the same time it is also seeking more funding. There are a number of ways the health department can get this extra funding: by expanding the county jail, by doing more drug testing, and by making the county’s website more user-friendly.

The contract will end in 2023 and when it does there will be a public health survey. The county is going to survey everyone on the planet to find out how much do they know about the health problems of their community. The county will then use this information to make a proposal for additional funding.

For example, they might want to expand the jail to hold more prisoners, do more drug testing, and make the county website more user-friendly.

The main problem with the survey is that we don’t know the whole story. The county is going to take any questions we have about health problems in the county and put them in a form we can understand. The form will have a “question” box where each answer will be a number. The question boxes will also have a “correct answer” box that is supposed to mean the same thing.


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