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The Kinston Community Health Center is a new health center that will provide free, comprehensive health care and advocacy services to the Kinston community. Overseeing the operation of the facility will be a board of trustees who have a wide-range of health-related expertise and experience.

The staff at the center will be comprised of both volunteers and paid employees. The staff will be encouraged to come to Kinston with a health problem or to volunteer for a cause that we are all passionate about – whether it be the Kinston Community Foundation or the Kinston Community Health Center.

Last Monday the Kinston Community Health Center received a $20,000 grant from the Kinston Community Foundation. This grant is being used for the construction of a new facility to serve the community. The new facility will house a health clinic, nursing home, diagnostic lab, and a community center.

Kinston Community Health Center is an assisted living facility. As such most of the residents here are elderly, disabled, or handicapped. They’re also members of the Kinston Community Foundation, which is focused on helping those in need by sponsoring and funding projects that improve the community. The clinic will have a full caseload of health-related services, as well as a number of wellness programs.

The facility looks brand new, in that it hasn’t been built yet. But it looks very nice: a modern, white, two-story building that houses a clinic, nursing home, diagnostic lab, and community center.

My experience getting in the door was a bit different than you may have been told. This clinic is a new community-based health center located in a renovated room of an old Kinston hospital. I had been told that the building has been completely remodeled inside and out and that the clinic would be about five minutes from the entrance to the historic building. My experience was much different. The receptionist informed me that they still wanted a cashier.

I was told that I could wait in the lobby and they would be happy to take me to the clinic. While waiting, a nurse entered the waiting room and was very pleasant. She seemed to know exactly who I was, and then promptly pointed me to the waiting room. I didn’t feel like I was “standing in line” at all. My experience was much more like the hospital.

The Kinston Community Health Center is a very nice facility. They have a very pleasant receptionist, and a nurse who was very friendly and had very limited English and was helpful. There is a waiting area and a waiting room. It was very quiet and not crowded, which was quite nice. I went there for a free mammogram and I didnt even have to pay. I would go back there because it was not crowded, but it was not an issue in any way.

I went there for a free mammogram, and I didnt even have to pay.

There is also a private clinic on site. They are a full-service clinic that offers everything from family planning to gynecology.

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