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We’ll start with the most obvious — physical health. If we’re healthy, we’ll have the best chance of managing any symptoms, even minor ones like sinus headaches. When we get sick, we’re no longer able to function well, but we can’t do much about it.

In fact, the most obvious physical health indicator is our ability to move around. This is pretty obvious if you’ve ever been injured. Most diseases cause slow and debilitating symptoms like tiredness, swelling, weakness, and pain. Well what if you have a disease that causes you to lose your ability to move around? We could be in a world where we can no longer move around because of a disease, and we would be in real trouble.

Its not just the fact that we can’t move around. Its the fact that that fact makes us less able to heal ourselves. We can’t move around, we can’t see. We can’t talk to people. We cant have a normal conversation. This is a real problem because we would be really screwed if we got hit by a bus or hit by a meteor or got a broken arm. We would be completely helpless.

The issue is that if we get hit by a bus or a meteor or a broken arm, we would be unable to heal ourselves because we would not be able to move around. This would lead to a lot of people not being able to walk around and most of them would die. Even though we can move around, we would not be able to take care of ourselves.

Well, it’s not just about movement. We would also have trouble getting out of bed and getting food. I mean, we can try, but I’m not sure we are the type of people who would leave their keys in the car while they’re in the car. We would be in a bad way.

The point is, even though we think we can walk around and do things, we might not be able to move around and take care of our bodies.

This has been a common theme in many of the recent articles we have written. As soon as we think that we are living a better life, we start to feel pretty crappy, and start to doubt whether we can even do anything. We wonder what we are doing this for, what we are gaining from all this, and whether this is worth anything at all.

The problem is that we have little to no control over our own bodies, and that’s why many of the articles we’ve written have been about ways to “lose weight” in our lives. But losing weight is like losing a second hand car. You can do it, sure, but it is not like you’ve just gotten rid of all the parts of your car you don’t use. You still need a steering wheel and a gas tank.

This is why we look at the health triangle. There are three different levels of health, and we can all get to the top level of health (and be happy in our bodies) by simply changing the way we think about ourselves. The first level of health is that of a perfectly healthy person. The second level of health is that of a person who is sick but not that sick.

So you get a good chunk of the way to the top level of health by just being a decent person. Now that you have the highest level of health you can feel good about yourself. This is the level that most people reach. In the second level of health, you are just fine, but you are sick and your body thinks you are so you are only thinking about yourself and how you look. You are not thinking about everyone else and their needs, you are just thinking about yourself.


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