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No one knows what cholesterol is, but it is a key component of the human body.

Some of us have some form of cholesterol that is broken down by the liver into what is known as “bad cholesterol.” And some of us have too much cholesterol that causes us to have high levels of “good cholesterol” in the blood. This is important because good cholesterol is a beneficial substance that lowers the body’s risk of heart-disease.

This is a tricky one because it seems that high cholesterol isn’t necessarily bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is, but high levels of bad cholesterol can also be harmful. It seems that the body has a “switch” that turns on and off the bad cholesterol production in response to cholesterol levels. Most people who are overweight have high levels of good cholesterol while those who have high levels of bad cholesterol are, in fact, healthier people.

Some people have said that while there is no “safe” amount of high cholesterol, it appears that there is enough cholesterol that the body cannot detect when it is high enough. This is good news for the overweight people who may not realize that they are putting themselves at risk of heart disease while they are taking their cholesterol levels down.

The problem, if you don’t do something about it, is that you end up with so much cholesterol in your bloodstream that it is actually harmful to your health. The good news is that a diet that includes healthy fats (like olive oil) and proteins (like fish) will help you lower your cholesterol. Low-fat diets are a good way to start, as are the low-saturated fat diets that are popular these days.

My own cholesterol is still high, and I’m not the only one. My doctor is concerned because of my high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is a significant risk factor for heart disease, and I had my first heart attack at age 19. I’ve been on several medications to control it and have done well, but I do wish I had done more about lowering my cholesterol levels.

The problem is that when we have high cholesterol we tend to focus on just one area of the body, the liver, instead of the whole picture. The liver is responsible for clearing toxins, including cholesterol, from the body. It’s also the place that our bodies store the most fat. But cholesterol gets all over the place. Many people have high cholesterol, and they’re still not bothered by it.

So I feel like I need to talk about the whole cholesterol thing. It’s too late for that. The best we can do is talk about the benefits of lowering it. For example, if your cholesterol is high, you may not be able to get in the office with the other coworkers if you have a bad day when you’re sick or don’t want to go to the gym.

For that reason, I don’t think there should be a diet to lower cholesterol. I think we should talk about the benefits of exercise, and get rid of the stigma that people with high cholesterol are lazy.

_____ is the reason the best thing to do is to lower cholesterol. For example, if you have high cholesterol, you have an increased risk of heart disease. If your cholesterol is lower, it can cause your arteries to clog up and block arteries to your heart, which can cause heart attacks and strokes. I think that it is important to get your cholesterol under control, but I also think that its good to know the benefits of exercising and eating properly to keep your cholesterol level normal.

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